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Welcome to Cross Rock Catholic Community

Weekend Mass Times 


Rice: 5:00 pm

Bowlus: 8:00 pm


Royalton: 8:00 am

Rice: 8:30 am

North Prairie: 10:00 am

Opole: 10:30 am

Fr. Greg.jpg

Father Gregory Sauer

Upcoming Events

Totus Tuus

June 25 - 30, 2023

Join us this year as we head to

in Missouri!

Leah- Joyful Beauty Conference 2023-2.png

Hosted by: Cross Rock ACC at Immaculate Conception Church in Rice

For more information, CLICK HERE

To register for the conference, CLICK HERE

Image by Robert Thiemann

"So too, you must be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come."
~Matthew 24:44

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Immaculate Conception- Rice

St Stans1_edited.jpg

St. Stanislaus-Bowlus


Holy Trinity-Royalton


Our Lady of Mt. Carmel-Opole


Holy Cross-North Prairie

Cross Rock Weekly Calendar

Holy Cross

Monday:   Adoration until 9:00pm

Tuesday:   Reconciliation 8:00am

                followed by Mass 8:30am

Sunday:    Mass 10:00am

Friday:     Reconciliation 7:30am

                followed by Mass at 8:00am

Saturday:  Adoration 6:00am-6:00pm

Saturday:  Mass 8:00pm

St. Stanislaus

Immaculate Conception

Monday:   Bible Study 10:00am

Tuesday:   Mass 8:00am and Adoration

Thursday:  Bible Study 6:30pm

Saturday:  Mass 5:00pm

Sunday:    Mass 8:30am

Wednesday: Mass 8:00am

Sunday: Mass 10:30am

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Wednesday: Bible Study 7:00pm

Thursday: Reconciliation 7:30am followed

                 by Mass at 8:00am then

                 Adoration until 5:00pm

Friday: Adoration until 5:00pm

Friday: 1st Friday Mass

Sunday: Mass 8:00am

Holy Trinity

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