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Ministry Schedules

St. Stanislaus Kostka, Bowlus

Ministry Schedule for September 24

Sunday 10:00am

Sacristan: Roseanne Kroll

Lector: Shani Kedrowski

Usher/Greeters: Scott & Holly Psyck Family

Eucharistic Ministers: Marion Leners, Danelle Zapzalka, Birdie Waldoch*, Todd Kedrowski*

Altar Servers: Elliot Nelson & Braxton Boyd

Gifts: Phil & Michele Rudolph Family

Rosary: Dave Waldoch

Ministry Schedule for October 1

Sunday 10:00am

Sacristan: Marilyn Prokott

Lector: April Bechtold

Usher/Greeters: Paul & Beckie Scholz Family & Paul Fussy

Eucharistic Ministers: Judy Zapzalka, Helaine Waletski, Melissa Lampert*, Tom Fussy*

Altar Servers: AJ Smieja & Nate Maciej

Gifts: Ray & Lori Maciej

Rosary: Rich Fussy

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