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Ministry Schedules

Holy Trinity, Royalton

Ministry Schedule for March 26

​Sunday 8:00am

Lector: Mary Krueger

Eucharistic Ministers: 1. Denise Plumski 2. Greg Gallus 3. Roger Burggraff 
4. Patty Burggraff

Altar Servers: Ava & Carter Burggraff

Ushers: Becky Voyles & Kevin Silbernick

Rosary: Jill Zimmerman
Gifts: Volunteer


Ministry Schedule for April 2

​Sunday 8:00am

Lector: Carol Posch & Nicholas Block

Eucharistic Ministers: 1. Jim Anderson 2. Connie Anderson 3. Cody Neu 
4. Sharon Zimmerman

Altar Servers: Emily Block & Adelyn Kloss

Ushers: Tony & Al Krystosek

Rosary: Ray & Janice Breth
Gifts: Volunteer


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