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Holy Trinity Parish Council

Members:  Fr. Greg Sauer, Brian Pyka, Neil Zimmerman, Mary Snyder, Becky Voyles, Patty Burggraff, Keith Schlichting
Trustees: Jim Anderson

Holy Trinity Parish Finance Committee

Members:  Fr. Greg Sauer, Eugene Epsky, Paul Zimny, Arnie Maciej
Jim Anderson

Knights of Columbus

Officers: Steven Bishop, Grand Knight

Regular Meetings:  2nd Monday of each month at 7:00pm in Church Basement

Minutes:  April 10, 2023 minutes,  December 6, 2022 minutes, September 13, 2022 minutes, August 2, 2022 minutes


 October 2021 Newsletter, August 2021 Newsletter, June 2021 Newsletter

Christian Women

President - Cheryl Klisch

Vice President - Pat Baron
Secretary - Pat Kasella
Treasurer - Edie Flahave

Minutes:  December 12, 2023 minutes
 October 9, 2023 minutes,  August 8, 2023 minutes,  May 9, 2023 minutes


Holy Trinity Funeral Group

Holy Trinity parish has a funeral association.  It is very simply an association by which members offer, in charity, their assistance to one another in the event of a death in the family.  Through it, we give AND we receive.  Please click on the link below for details on how to join, and what to expect.

     Funeral Association Information

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