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Religious Education


11th grade Confirmation Candidates who wish to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation are invited to begin their church and community service during the summer months following 10th grade.
Contact the parish faith formation office if you have not received a letter and record sheets for this. Confirmation is celebrated in the 11th grade. 

11th Grade Confirmation Candidates attend class sessions once a month. 
Candidates must display a willingness to learn, a consistent level of participation in the parish process, an ability to witness in word and deed to the faith in which they are to be confirmed, and participation in the Eucharist on Sundays and Holy Days. 

Candidates are given requirements to complete during the months of September through April, which will increase their identity as Catholic Christians.   

Parents participate in preparation and assist their 11th grader with service to the parish and worship with them on a regular basis. Parents encourage their child to participate in preparation for the Sacrament but allow them to make the final determination on whether or not they wish to be confirmed. 
Please see the Religious Education Schedule for the scheduled classes.

If you have not been confirmed and are older then 11th grade, see "Becoming Catholic" for information about our parish RCIA process.


Contact Person:
Jean Skroch
Religious Education Coordinator
Email Jean

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