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Electronic Payment Authorization

Your contribution can be sent electronically on the 1st and or 15th of every month from your checking or savings account.

The electronic payment option makes it more convenient in that you don't need to write a check. It also helps the parish because those donations arrive at the parish even when you're away for a weekend or an extended period of time.

To get started, download the Electronic Payment Authorization form, fill out the information and drop it off at the parish office.

Electronic Payment Authorization pdf

The Scrip program at Immaculate Conception has been active for several years. It may not seem like a lot of money, but when many people participate regularly, it can add up. If you have any questions just stop by the Scrip table after Mass or call the Scrip Program Coordinators, Jim and Roseann Moeller at 393-2046 with questions, to volunteer or provide other input. A little effort means a lot. Give back while you shop!

How does it work?

The SCRIP program has a number of options as to how members can use the program to help the church. First and easiest is to purchase on hand certificates. We have several types on hand all the time. The gift cards can be used the same as cash and since they are a gift card, any remaining balance stays on the card until your next purchase. We have many businesses whose cards are on hand. See our list on the downloadable pdf document. The other option is to place an order by completing the bottom portion of the SCRIP Order Form and return it along with your payment to the parish office. Your certificates/gift cards will be available the following weekend at the parish office.

Consider buying these gift cards to do your shopping or give them as gifts. The gift can’t be wrong if someone picks it out themselves. We all need groceries! Why not use Coborn’s or Cub gift cards to buy your groceries and give that back to the church.

Where can I buy Scrip? Scrip is sold after all Masses in the Fellowship Hall from on hand inventory. 

You can purchase or place an order with pre-payment. You can also purchase Scrip at the parish office. Ordered cards can then be picked up the following weekend, at the parish office or we will mail them to you.—Now that is shopping made easy!


SCRIP Program Coordinator:
Patti (at parish office) 

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